iscover the Secrets of Internet Marketing Success – Learn the Race to Run to Create Profits Online

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Are you having problems creating profits online, do you really know what it takes to succeed in an online business today?

Did you ever think that internet marketing is a lot like a race to run? Which leg of the internet marketing marathon race running are you suffering the most frustration in?

Most successful track stars have a coach training them how a race is run today, maybe your internet marketing race running needs the same thing before you can expect to start creating profits online.

7 Steps to Run the Internet Marketing Race Successfully:

R-esearch – Determining your target market, and providing a product or service solution they want, and are already buying

A-dvertise – Bringing people into your marketing system on a regular consistent basis at a positive return on investment

C-apture – Collecting contact information about your visitors, email and name at the minimum

E-ducate – Following-up with your prospective customers, and building a relationship of trust and respect

And …..

R-etail – Front-end selling a low cost item to your target market list to defray advertising expenses at least, but it is critical to exceed their expectations

U-pgrade – Backend retail selling amount increases in size over time by offering multiple buying opportunities to your existing customer base

N-ow Repeating – Steps 1 – 6 multiple times – Follow each leg of the RACE to RUN and progress to creating profits online.


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