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Learn the ABC’s of Email Marketing

March 10th, 2021

To ensure that your readers get the most value from each and every email promotion or electronic newsletter you distribute, learn the ABCs of email marketing:

Ask for feedback in every campaign and newsletter

Brevity is key-no more than 2 screen’s worth of content is a good rule of thumb

Content should be brief, punchy, and hook your reader into wanting more

Deliver value with every issue

Educate your audience by showing them how to use your products and services effectively

Focus on specific clients by developing follow-up campaigns

Give readers multiple ways to get in touch with you

Have a clear communications strategy for your email program-make sure it is integrated with your traditional marketing efforts

Invest in a good copywriter if you lack the time or skill to produce quality copy yourself

Just say NO to anyone wanting to purchase your distribution list

Know your audience and deliver information that meets or exceeds their expectations

Listen to your readers; use surveys to accomplish this

Maintain contact with your customers and contacts on a regular basis

Never use a purchased list

Obtain new contacts by capturing contact information on your website, at your store, at events, after speaking engagements, when networking

Plan ahead; keep a “fodder file” of good topic ideas

Quickly unsubscribe those who request it

Respect the permission your contacts have given you

Send professional looking, graphically appealing campaigns-text messages don’t deliver the same impact

Track your open rates and click-throughs­-strive to improve month-to-month

Use an online service like Constant Contact to optimize delivery, manage legal compliance, and track campaign results

Valuable information will ensure high open rates and click-throughs

Website traffic increases are a key benefit of email marketing-make sure you use links strategically

Xtreme graphics can detract from your overall message; keep in clean and easy to read

Yes! Email marketing is an effective way to build strong relationships with customers and contacts